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kathy480.JPGHello and welcome to the Franklin Wellness Centre, my name is Kathy O'Connell. We love life and enjoy sharing our holistic knowledge with those who seek to know the same. We teach simple methods of restoring the fun, adventure, joy, happiness and love back into life, where it seems to have been lost or eludes us. Our holistic training course, holistic pyschology course is affordable, entertaining and uplifting. We hope that as many people as possible get to know how to experience life better without stress if heartache. Our desire is that you grow the strength of character in body, body and soul to become a leader in life. We offer simple solutions supports you become the proficient creator of your life. Prepare to be awake and alert for you never know what you will encounter.

Be courageous and live adventurously, learn from your encounters and your endurance will triump over your fears as you become a power of consciousness in the creation of your legacy.

There are no upcoming calendar events.


SuperYou is a self help training programme to discover the You! It is a mission of self discovery and is life changing. The prize is to bring passion for life to back to your life. The plan is simple, recruit your allies, identify the the bad guys, perform exercise drills, powerup the heart, activate willpower, manoevour into position, take up awareness, disarm negative and unserving emotions, follow your objective then move up to what is rightfully yours.

Seriously though! SuperYou is  about the discover of your "love life to the max with heartfelt power and purpose" We hold an introductory workshop for change; inspiring you be happier and truer to yourself. If you desire to fulfil your hopes and dreams, releasing the "stuff" that doesn't work for you, signup to our course today .....more


Healing - Health - Fitness

Looking for a natural, peaceful and inspiring way to bring fitness, health and healing into your life? The Franklin Wellness Centre offer classes, services, products and support to assist your journey physically, mentally and spiritually. Sign up for our newsletter and we'll keep you informed of our in house and guest presenter events, services and programmes.



What you are really drinking? Water is vital to life and living. Water has a life giving spirit, it's natural elements have powers beyond our natural thinking. It's time we stopped to really get to know water. Visit the centre today and learn how PURE and natural water will give your body and soul the best that it deserves.


The breath

Ascension wellbeing is a training programme that opens you to a new world of possibilites. Wisdom is true knowledge that is unseen by our minds. Discover how the breath is your gateway to discovering whats in store for you. Learn how consciousness is the key to everything that is good in your life and how you can have more of it.


Kickstart Fitness

The Kickstart fitness system is a unique progression plan designed to help you reach a high level of fitness in 12 weeks. 15 minutes a day, 5 core body movement routines guaranteed to have you feeling peacefully wired!, energised, rejuvenated and able to create anything you desire.

Water Wellness

stay_hydrated.jpgDo you want to eat healthier, be physically and emotionally fit, lose weight, and have the mental aptitude to ensure success?... join the water detox challenge! The water detox challenge is a 90 day holistic system for anyone serious about their physical and emotional wellbeing. more...

Intuitive Massage

HotStone.pngLadies only...Introduce your body to intuitive massage. Learn simple therapeutic techniques for better health and wellbeing. Practise techniques that will help you holistically treat common muscle aches and pain. Personal attention is guaranteed all under the watchful eye of a trained holistic massage professional. Class size is limited.  more...

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